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Dutch drinks

What should you try?

Nederlandse vlag huis
Nederlandse vlag huis

You might know the Netherlands for its windmills, tulips, cheese, tons of bicycles and Heineken. But besides Heineken, there are many more typical Dutch drinks you can try if you’re visiting the local Dutch bars. Here is the top 5 of typical Dutch spirits you can try when you’re in the Netherlands!


1. Jenever or Genever (pronounced: djen-nay-ver)

Genever is a clear, malted grain-based spirit, that is rich with botanicals. It’s usually produced in the Netherlands and it’s made from the juniper berry. Genever is known as an ‘old man drink’. You drink it straight because Dutch people don’t mix it, but be warned: it’s pretty strong.

A famous Dutch jenever brand is Bols. You can get it in most of the bars and pubs in and around Amsterdam.


Bols Zeer Oude Genever 50CL

2. Oranjebitter (pronounced: oh-rahn-jeh-bitter)

This drink is most famous because of its color: orange (oranje). Dutch people drink it on King’s Day when they celebrate the birthday of the king. On this day everyone is usually dressed in orange, so oranjebitter fits right in.

A famous brand for oranjebitter is De Kuyper. Not every store has it in their assortment all year long. But if you search long enough, you will find a store which sells oranjebitter all year round.

3. Advocaat

Advocaat is the Dutch word for lawyer, it seems that this drink has been named because lawyers drank it to prepare for trials back in the 1800’s. Nowadays, especially older ladies like to ‘drink’ this, but that doesn’t make it less tasty. Advocaat is a little thicker than normal drinks, because it’s made of eggs, sugar and brandy. Some people top it off with whipped cream and ‘eat’ the advocaat with a spoon.

Some restaurants make their own advocaat, so it’s definitely worth asking for!

Zwarte Kip Advocaat 50CL

4. Dropshot (pronounced: drohp-shoht)

Have you ever heard of black liquorice (drop), the candy that Dutch people like so much? This drink tastes kind of the same! You like it or hate it, there is no in between. De Kuyper, a Dutch liquor brand, invented Dropshot. The drink has a salty yet sweet taste and it’s definitely worth a try. As the name suggests: this drink is typically drunk as a shot. So enjoy Dropshot in between rounds of beers. 


5. Korenwijn (pronounced: Cor-an-wine)

Korenwijn often gets confused with genever, as it’s also a grain spirit from the Netherlands. However, Korenwijn doesn’t have to contain juniper berry or any other botanicals. Dutch people love to drink korenwijn with herring. They eat the herring on a bun or as a snack with onions and pickles. So maybe one of the many fish houses you might visit, will surprise you with a little shot of korenwijn when you order a herring!


Hooghoudt Oude Jenever 100CL

How do I order a drink in Dutch?

After you say a simple ‘hallo’ to the waiter, it’s time to order your drink. Try to do that in Dutch with the following phrases:

May I have a…- Mag ik een… (Makh ik ain…)

I’d like a...- Ik wil graag een… (Ik wil khraahkh ain…)

May I have a glass of genever?Mag ik een glas jenever? (Makh ik ain glahs djen-nay-ver?)

I’d like 5 advocaat.- Ik wil graag 5 advocaat. (Ik will khraahkh fife ahd-vo-caht.)

And if you’re getting nervous and you don’t know what to say anymore, you simply ask:

Do you speak English? Spreek je Engels? (Sprayck yeh enk-els?)

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Where do I find the local Gall & Gall liquor stores (in Amsterdam)?

Looking for a liquor store close by? Here is a map with all our stores!